Saturday, 25 September 2010

Diy Womp website

The Diy Womp website has been a subject of much discussion within the Womp camp, after all a website is a very important part of any group. We tried our hand at our own page with our basic html skills, we tried sticking to facebook, and we tried myspace (years ago). The thing was that none of those really did the job for us. We wanted a space that was for people like us to share pics, vids, etc of their work. So we settled with a ning page. Ning, for those that don't know, is a platform to create your own social network.

So far we have just under 200 people on there. It's pretty, and it's useful. What else do you need?
Well, other than more creative people on there sharing work, nothing. It's all about the quality and not the quantity though, and we have some serious quality on the website.

Here are some of the great creative people that are members of the website. Check them out, they're mightily impressive. Then sign up to and create you're own page.

Thanks for reading.

Diy Womp.

Su Oakes
Sonny Malhotra
Siobhan Maguire
Sean Tidy
Rich Beaumont
Rachel Lattimor
Paula Fradio
Lulu Parent
Luisa Crosbie
Liz Cummings
Liddy Greenaway
Lauren Summers

Kim Rebecca
Kate Newman
Kate Kamikaze
Emma Fitzgerald
Darren Luc
Dan Ponting
Colin Hall
Asha Chandragiri
Amy Jones

Aaron Griffiths

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Welcome to Diy Womp

A lot of the time people ask me what the Hell Diy Womp means, and normally in a sly "i reckon it's some Hoxton nothingness name". Well, It's simple really, it's Do it yourself Word of mouth promotions.

The name is exactly what we were when we started out, we were a promotions group with no money. A group that knew that we had to do things ourselves if we wanted to get anything happening. A group that knew that people telling each other about us was better than us putting together some posters and flyers out there. We were a group that was simply saying exactly what were were. A word of mouth promotions group that used it's own money and effort to make something happen.

So that's Diy Womp, or at least it was. The ethos is still the same but we have since our beginnings acrued some arts funding (not anymore), and the form of word of mouth has changed as the world went digital (amazing what happened in 4 years). Otherwise we are still the creative group that aims to promote creativity.

So that's the name but what are we doing, why do we exist, and why did we bother in the first place? Simply put, we are a group of creative people that want to promote other creative people irrespective of their field of expertise, and it's our passion to do so.

As I mentioned we've been around for 4 years, and in those 4 years we've changed, and adapted a fair bit. We've had our problems and not everything we've done was great or exceptional, but some of the things we've done have been amazing and inspired many people to go further in their creativity than they otherwise would have.

Nowadays we have a facebook page, a website, and a twitter account. So tune in and get involved.

For now have a look at some of the favourite events we have done from years gone by;

1> The Launch! An exhibition and gig at a small art gallery in Bushey, Watford.

2> Charlie Don't Surf! A 60s night with a difference, incorporating all of the music & art inspired by the movements around the Vietnam war.

3> Artists in Wonderland. An exhibition in the woodland of Watford.

4> The Foundry. An evening of music and art with Kate Nash and others.

5> Womp @ the Colosseum. A series of gigs with acts such as Scroobius Pip vs Dan le Sac

6> Life is Beautiful. A monthly poetry and acoustic night with great poets such as Luke Wright, Laura Dockrill, Mat Lloyd, and Minnie Birch

7> Halloween at the Tate Modern. A collaboration with Tate's young arts collective.

8> Have your cake. A collaboration with female arts group, Storm in a Teacup

9> Back to the 80s. An art exhibition of work inspired by the 1980s

10> Oxjam. A gig to raise money for Oxfam.