Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Illustration project

We have a new illustration project under way. Liz Cummings, who's the most artsy of the Diy Womp group, has set up a fun collaboration project for everyone to get involved in.

The idea is to get 26 illustrators to go to town on a letter of the alphabet each and create something lovely to be put together in a newspaper format.

The Illustrations must be black and white and a minimum of 200mm x 200mm at 300dpi. They can be computer generated or hand drawn but unfortunately no photography (sorry photographers!).

If you are interested in taking part please message me on here or email me on liz_cummings@live.com, Liz will then allocate a letter of the alphabet to you which you can send back to her once completed.

Each letter may be given to more than one illustrator so it may not be possible to include all illustrations submitted, and hurry because we're getting lots of entries now. woo!

Where we go with this is yet to be seen, but maybe I will take some copies and put them up around New York when I move there next month. Together we can conquer London and New York, at least in a small illustration/print form.

Here are some pieces found on the interweb that I quite like...