Thursday, 25 November 2010

The World Isn't Working.

I keep being reminded by this work of art by Mark Titchner. Somewhat removed from London at the moment, I just see glimpses of the student protests and can only imagine the atmosphere at art school at the moment. I wish I was there! I used to paint next to a guy who’s subject of his artworks were protests. Then there was the guy who made a beautiful final piece commenting on the state of our particular institution; the day before the degree show our Uni cut pieces of it down. Then I read people’s facebook status’ saying they were “appalled to be young today” on the day of the protests…. Now the last thing I want is for people to be hurt/injured; but thank feck our generation is reacting. Even in music we’re starting to reject lolly sweet pop and hungering for depth in vocals or bass notes. No longer the MTV generation who’s mind is swallowed by the television; we’re doing something.

It’s an exciting time to be creative. Embrace it! Politics aside, a lot of the journalist’s that are criticising the action of the students should remember the protests of the 1960s; the Hornsey Art School sit-in for example. Or even they should remember the birth of punk and how important that still is to British culture? When I quoted the Mark Titchner piece “The world isn’t working” one of my friend's said “So let’s fix it then” and I really hope that our generation can, and be creative with it too.

Rosemary Cronin

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